how it works

The Food Waste Network gathers detailed up-to-date information on UK recycling services for commercial and industrial food waste. We know about:

  • food waste collection firms - where they operate and what they collect
  • on-site food waste recycling systems
  • food waste recycling facilities

We collate all the postcodes covered by food waste collection firms, as well as other details about the services they offer.

  • When someone would like food waste recycling in their office, school, restaurant etc, they tell us their location and their needs using our enquiry form. We then matchmake them with their ideal food waste recycling partner based on what they tell us. 
  • If they are looking for food waste collections, we select the firms who cover postcodes nearest the location of their building. This helps improve the efficiency of collection routes. 
  • If they are interested in on-site food waste recycling, we can email them information about companies who offer these systems.
  • We will contact enquirers to ask which services they chose and how successful it has been. This feedback will be kept in-house and will be useful for referring services doing particularly well in a certain location.

The Food Waste Network is a free enquiry service. If they like, an enquirer can choose to be contacted directly by the 3 best-match firms. Other online databases go out of date very quickly, but the Food Waste Network aims to always stay fresh. We do this by being a useful tool for the waste sector to find new customers - the food waste recyclers want to keep their details updated. 

The Food Waste Network and Vegware

The Food Waste Network is an initative created and run by Vegware, but it is impartial project and there is no obligation to recieve Vegware information or use Vegware's compostable food packaging.

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