collections vs on-site recycling

There are two options available for recycling your food waste. Either have it collected and taken away for recycling, or recycle it yourself. We know about both options, so just choose what you would like information about when you are filling in our enquiry form. 


You can choose to have your food waste collected. On the whole this involves regular collections, but many firms also offer a service for one-off events - please specify that when you fill in our recycle my food form. Most collection firms provide you with a food waste bin, and will then come and collect it at the agreed frequency. They will take it to a processing plant for food waste recycling - find out how food waste is recycled.

Some collection firms can provide you with figures reporting how much waste you have diverted from landfill. This is a useful way to track your progess towards zero waste, and can be used as part of your CSR reporting. 


on-site food waste recycling

If your office, restaurant, cafe, school or hospital has some outside space, you could choose to recycle your food waste yourself, with no need for regular collections. Most of the on-site options are in-vessel composters - essentially a tank which encloses the organic waste and creates the ideal conditions for it to break down. Once it has been breaking down inside the vessel, the contents can come out and may need to mature a little longer. Then the biofertiliser can be used to improve the soil on your grounds.

Many schools use on-site food waste recycling as a hands-on way for students to learn about natural cycles - some even grow vegetables in the compost they create from their own leftovers and kitchen prep scraps.


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