our friends

Here are some useful organisations who are working to help reduce food waste to landfill


Surplus food 

People to talk to if you have food which could still be eaten 

Plan Zheroes



Feeding the 5000 

Tristram Stuart 


Help and advice

People to turn to for all sorts of advice about waste and recycling 

WRAP's work in Hospitality and Foodservice 

Hospitality and Foodservice Voluntary Agreement

Scotland's new Zero Waste legislation


sustainability for the food sector 

People helping reduce the environmental impact of the food sector 

The Sustainable Restuarant Association (SRA)

Foodservice Footprint

Ethical Eats


food waste recycling sector

People who work in food waste recycling

The Association for Organics Recycling (AfOR) 

Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association (ADBA) 

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